In an exhilarating matchup between the Dixie State Trailblazers and the Kennesaw State Owls, the Owls emerged victorious with a commanding 37-20 win. The game played at an electric stadium, showcased the Owls’ offensive prowess and defensive tenacity. Let’s dive into the action-packed four quarters that unfolded on the field.

The first quarter set the tone for the game as the Trailblazers drew first blood with an impressive 10-yard run by Quali Conley, giving them an early 7-0 lead. However, the Owls quickly responded with a field goal by Nathan Robertson, bringing the score to 7-3. Both teams displayed solid offensive drives, with the Trailblazers covering 71 yards and the Owls moving the chains for 65 yards.

The second quarter witnessed a remarkable turnaround by the Owls, who capitalized on a fumble by the Trailblazers. A 15-yard fumble return by Cade Loden, coupled with a one-yard touchdown run by Tommy Bryant, propelled the Owls to a 17-7 lead. Adding to their dominance, Nathan Robertson added another field goal, extending the Owls’ lead to 20-7 by halftime.

As the third quarter kicked off, the Owls continued to control the game. Tommy Bryant’s one-yard touchdown run further widened the gap to 27-7. However, the Trailblazers fought back, displaying their offensive skills with a 27-yard pass from Kody Wilstead to Deven Osborne, reducing the deficit to 27-14. The Owls’ offense remained relentless, as Nathan Robertson’s accurate leg contributed another field goal, increasing their lead to 30-14.

Heading into the final quarter, the Trailblazers showcased their resilience. Kody Wilstead connected with Chase Hess for a 5-yard touchdown pass, narrowing the gap to 30-20. Nevertheless, the Owls’ offense responded swiftly, with Kyle Glover’s 10-yard run resulting in another touchdown, firmly securing their lead at 37-20. Despite their best efforts, the Trailblazers fell short, unable to mount a comeback.

The Dixie State Trailblazers’ valiant effort was evident throughout the game, but the Kennesaw State Owls’ offensive dominance and solid defensive play ultimately proved insurmountable. The Owls’ ability to capitalize on turnovers and convert them into points played a pivotal role in their victory. As the final whistle blew, the Owls celebrated a well-deserved triumph, leaving the Trailblazers with valuable lessons to take back to the drawing board.

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All photos by Jason McDonald, JM Photography for CORE360 Sports

2021 Dixie State vs Kenn. State