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The inaugural Dwight Phillips Invitational was a big success as track and field teams from around the Atlanta metro competed at Buck Godfrey Stadium. There were a number of impressive performances from the athletes who took part.

One of the standout performers on the day was Sanaa Frederick, a junior at Druid Hills, who won both the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes. Frederick’s time of 12.08 seconds in the 100-meter dash was enough to earn her the victory, while her time of 24.40 seconds in the 200-meter dash was equally impressive.

Nine performances met the Milesplit US First Team standard, 16 met the Milesplit US Second Team Standard, and 38 met the Georgia 2008 standards.

Frederick’s teammate and twin, Sole Frederick, also put in a strong performance, finishing just behind her in both events. In the 100-meter dash, Sole Frederick finished with a time of 12.10 seconds, while in the 200-meter dash, she finished with a time of 24.47 seconds.

In the boys’ events, Ali Dargan of Miller Grove High School put in a dominant performance in the 100-meter dash, finishing with a time of 10.82 seconds. Maurice Gleaton of Langston Hughes High School finished just behind Dargan, with a time of 10.84 seconds. Meanwhile, in the 200-meter dash, it was Collin Seals of Stephenson High School who took the victory, finishing with a time of 49.29 seconds.

The 400-meter dash saw a closely contested race between several athletes, with Carmen Pollard of Lakeside, Dekalb High School eventually emerging victorious with a time of 57.59 seconds. Jadyn Bolden of Druid Hills High School finished just behind her with a time of 57.65 seconds, while Kyla Ramey of South Gwinnett High School finished third with a time of 59.69 seconds.

The long-distance events also saw some impressive performances, with Harley Martz of Druid Hills High School taking the victory in both the 800-meter and 1600-meter runs. In the 800-meter run, Martz finished with a time of 2:28.09, while in the 1600-meter run, she finished with a time of 5:24.29. Megan Walter of Paideia High School also put in a strong showing in the 1600-meter run, finishing just behind Martz with a time of 5:27.45.

In the boys’ events, Abdeleselam Kerebo of Tucker High School dominated the 3200-meter run, finishing with a time of 10:14.18. Matt Walton-Scott and Raja Hofmeister, both from Paideia High School, finished second and third, respectively.

The meet also featured a number of impressive performances in the field events, with Jillian Kidd of Miller Grove High School taking the victory in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 15.55 seconds. Caseyona Hight of Stephenson High School won the 300-meter hurdles with a time of 46.97 seconds, while Zy’Riah Adams of Miller Grove High School took the victory in the high jump.

In the relay events, the Langston Hughes High School boys’ team put in an impressive performance, winning both the 4×100-meter and 4×400-meter relays with times of 40.81 seconds and 3:26.30, respectively. The Southwest Dekalb High School boys’ team also put in a dominant performance in the 4×200-meter relay, finishing with a time of 1:26.83.

Overall, the meet was a huge success, with the athletes putting in some truly impressive performances. Congratulations to all the athletes.



100 M Dash

Sanaa Frederick Druid Hills 12.08 JR G
Sole Frederick Druid Hills 12.10 JRG
Maniah Powell Stephenson 12.56 JR
Ali Dargan Miller Grove 10.82 JR B
Maurice Gleaton Langston Hughes 10.84 SO B
Jaden Barnes Langston Hughes 11.03 SR

200 M Dash

Sanaa Frederick Druid Hills 24.40 JR
Sole Frederick Druid Hills 24.47 JR
Ty’Kira Garrett Stephenson 26.08 SR
Ali Dargan Miller Grove 21.63 JR S
Pierre Ford South Gwinnett 22.05 SR B
Jace Coleman Stephenson 22.05 SR B

400 M Dash

Carmen Pollard Lakeside, Dekalb 57.59 SO B
Jadyn Bolden Druid Hills 57.65 JR B
Kyla Ramey South Gwinnett 59.69 JR B
Collin Seals Stephenson 49.29 JR S
Steven Brown Stephenson 49.88 JR B
William Embry South Gwinnett 50.02 JR B

800 M Run

Harley Martz Druid Hills 2:28.09 JR
Lynnia Langston Langston Hughes 2:33.66 SR
Caroline Struby Paideia 2:35.13 FR
Kai Lewis Langston Hughes 1:59.21 SR B
Jeremiah Alibey Tucker 2:00.32 SR
Drew McGraw Lakeside, DeKalb 2:00.54 SR

1600 M Run

Harley Martz Druid Hills 5:24.29 JR B
Megan Walter Paideia 5:27.45 SR B
Indie Shuler Druid Hills 5:51.59 FR
Owen Tobias Paideia 4:36.57 JR
Ethan Berryman Druid Hills 4:40.92 JR
Abdeleselam Kerebo Tucker 4:40.96 SO

3200 M Run

Megan Walter Paideia 12:52.80 SR
Indie Shuler Druid Hills 13:01.65 FR
Khyayrah Moo-Powe South Gwinnett 14:08.58 SO
Abdeleselam Kerebo Tucker 10:14.18 SO
Matt Walton-Scott Paideia 10:14.62 SO
Raja Hofmeister Paideia 10:20.57 SO

100 mH

110 mH

Jillian Kidd Miller Grove 15.55 SO
Kayla Stripling South Gwinnett 16.68 FR
Jae Fisher Stephenson 17.56 SR
Alijah Maddox Langston Hughes 15.83 SR
Dmitry Wells Langston Hughes 18.36 SR
Yophnia Kindered Langston Hughes 18.95 JR

300 M Hurdles

Caseyona Hight Stephenson 46.97 SR B

Jillian Kidd Miller Grove 49.16 SO

Indi Mickle Miller Grove 49.33 FR

Kwabena Flowers Stephenson 41.35 SR
Yophnia Kindered Langston Hughes 43.46 JR
Bryan Williams Pebblebrook 43.58 SR

4×100 M Relay

Stephenson 48.94 B

Miller Grove 50.51

Lakeside, Dekalb 51.59

Langston Hughes 40.81 G
Southwest Dekalb 41.57G
Stephenson 41.75G

4×200 M Relay

Miller Grove 1:47.28
South Gwinnett 1:47.95
Lakeside, Dekalb 1:48.02
Southwest Dekalb 1:26.83 G
Miller Grove High School 1:27.81 G
Stephenson High School 1:28.46 G

4×400 M Relay

Miller Grove 4:15.09
South Gwinnett 4:19.19
Lakeside, Dekalb 4:29.82
Southwest Dekalb 3:15.08 G
Stephenson 3:20.66 S
Langston Hughes 3:26.30 B

4×800 M Relay

South Gwinnett 11:00.15
Tucker 11:35.32
Lakeside, Dekalb 11:45.21
Langston Hughes 8:25.24 B
Stephenson 8:39.10
Pebblebrook 9:02.18

High Jump

Zy’Riah Adams Miller Grove 4-06.00 SO
Taniyah Scott Miller Grove 4-06.00 JR
Kahley Cammock South Gwinnett 4-06.00 SR
Malachi Yehudah Langston Hughes 6-04.00 JR B
Jaelin Joseph Stephenson 6-02.00 JR
Elijah McDowell South Gwinnett 6-02.00 JR

Long Jump

Taniyah Scott Miller Grove 16-04.50 JR
Miya Carthan Druid Hills 16-01.50 JR
Kayla Stripling South Gwinnett 16-00.00 FR
Hasaan Sykes Tucker 21-09.50 JR
Tymeer Anderson Southwest Dekalb 21-07.00 JR
Devin Ingram Stephenson 21-01.00 JR

Triple Jump

Nijah Lewis Tucker 35-11.50 JR B
Madelynn Huff Paideia 34-09.50 SR
Ty’Kira Garrett Stephenson 34-07.00 SR
Xavier Wilson Lithonia 44-02.00 JR
Keyontae Hambrick Lithonia 43-00.50 JR
Jaelin Joseph Stephenson 41-09.50 JR


Katelyn Mendoza Tucker 100-07.50 SR
Jamaya Allen Stephenson 88-10.00 SR
Saniya Francis Miller Grove 85-09.50 SO
Nakobi Spurrier Tucker 142-03.00 SR B
Connor Whaley Tucker 141-02.00 SR B
Jean luc Noisin Lakeside, DeKalb 139-09.00 JR

Shot Put

Katelyn Mendoza Tucker 34-11.50 SR
Jamaya Allen Stephenson 33-00.50 SR
Callaghan Finnegan Paideia 33-00.00 FR
Kemaje Bryant Langston Hughes 47-03.00 SO
Ameir Glenn Langston Hughes 47-01.00 JR
Nakobi Spurrier Tucker 45-06.50 SR

G: Gold Milesplit US First Team Standard
S: Silver Milesplit US Second Team Standard
B: Bronze Georgia 2008 Standards

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All images credit Jason McDonald, JM Photography for CORE360 Sports

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